All the shapes of pasta

We love it in all sauces, we produce it in all possible shapes. We innovate through new recipes and items, to make people enjoy every day a different pasta, a unique one.

Our pasta

Quality, tough and rough pasta that appears rich in the dish and holds any type of sauce in the best possible way.

It is the result of a careful selection of durum wheat semolina and a production process that faithfully follows the tradition: rough drawing and 100% Italian wheat.

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From durum wheat to whole semolina, barley, rice, spelt, legumes and much more.

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From turmeric to oregano, from tomato and basil to chilli, the solutions are endless.

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Infinite space for imagination.

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Kind of packaging
From classic paper label to adhesive one, from box to the paper bag with many eco-friendly solutions.

A line for every taste

More than 100 formats. 31 groats and flours, 23 flavourings: 4 lines, one for each flavour.


The traditional types of pasta that celebrates the peculiarities of Italian country.


Shape and taste, for a varied eating lifestyle suitable for everyone’s needs.


Funny, cheerful and colorful: all pasta shapes dedicated to the little ones.


Good humor is served! The product line that brings a smile to the table.

Who we are

A family passion that has lasted since 1898. Since then we have selected the best durum wheat semolina, we knead them using bronze drawing. We preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the ingredients by our drying process. This is how we still experience new shapes and recipes, always respecting the tradition.

We are closely linked to the gastronomic tradition of our country: from the raw materials to the production methods, ours is an entirely Italian history. Spring water and Italian wheat, milled by selected mills.

Our factory


We produce up to 100 pasta shapes, including organic products, VEGANOK, gluten-free and Kosher: we do this with 2 departments, 4 production lines and 15 packaging lines.

Our commitment

The plant is equipped with a photovoltaic system (780 solar panels), thanks to which we can optimize energy resources, saving the use of 45 tons of oil per year and the introduction of 100,000 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In addition, a cogenerator of electricity and heat allows us to exploit all the thermal energy and saving 20% of primary energy, as well as the emission of 160,000 kg of CO2 every year.


Our market


We have always had a predisposition for exports. Actually around 70% of our business is developed abroad: we are present in over 50 countries around the world.

We listen and process the requests that come to us from the various customers. We are able to translate into Private Label pasta project the requests of large distribution chains but also those of small store: “tailor made” pasta is our goal.


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